Saturday, January 14, 2017

Trump's First News Conference, A Breadth of Fresh Air

Not a Republican (I did not vote for Trump), definitely not a Democrat (definitely did not vote for Clinton), I certainly appreciated President-Elect Trump's first new conference -- the on-point messages, the tone, and the theater, especially involving the main-stream media (MSM.)

For as long as I can remember, presidential news conferences, especially when the president is a Democrat, has been a tea party. The questions are underhand softball tosses. The normal cast of MSM outlets are present, at the exclusion of those that might be less favorable to the president. A gathering like-minded, self-aggrandizing "professionals."

The good 'ol boys are now viewed unfavorably by the President-Elect. Many may have lost their standing invitation and must bid their turns with the "less-important others" in what should be a media rotation. Can you blame Trump? It is one thing to hammer him, which they should (they should hammer all politicians regardless of party), but their one-sided biased has forced him to react sternly.

Fake news has all but ended any credibility the MSM may have had. Only the elderly and half-wits listen to and watch the MSM. The nightly national news is a bygone era; the local news isn't too far behind. And I even question who watches CNN, Fox News or MSNBC. Who even has paid-TV? (I cannot even receive the free, over-the-air networks because of their poorly designed digital networks.)

Hate rules the left and the the MSM. One way to fight them is to ignore them and to not give them a seat at the table. They hate Trump so why should he engage them in a favorable manner? From the press conference transcript:
  • BuzzFeed:  "...a failing pile of garbage..."
  • CNN:  "...your organization is are fake news."
Rude? Certainly. Fitting? Most definitely.

Trump won because of the arrogance of the left including its communication outlets -- the MSM. The MSM did Clinton's bidding. Perhaps Russia did some of his. What's worse: the enemy within or the enemy abroad? Both are bad.

The next four years are going to be different, hopefully entertaining and damaging to the ridiculous left.

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