Sunday, January 15, 2017

Russia External Enemy; MSM Internal Enemy

For months, the FBI has suspected the Russians were behind the hacking of the DNC.  The 13-page joint FBI and GRIZZLY STEPPE – Russian Malicious Cyber Activity, provides their confirmation and it details the why and how.
DHS report: 

Russia certainly favored Trump over Clinton. The reasons might deal with bribery and extortion potential on one hand or pro-energy and pro-business policies on the other. Putin may just not like the Clinton's and wanted to be done with them finally. Regardless, state-sponsored hacking of governments including elections is not a good thing.

Information security defenses are never good enough, down right bad in many cases. State-sponsored hacking is done by all, including the USA. Russia got caught.

The MSM only cares about this because its candidate lost. If it would have happen in Clinton's favor, we all know what the reaction would have been.

The fact that the MSM spent its efforts digging up as much dirt as it could against Trump during the election cycle and ever since is okay because a) the MSM has not been caught and b) the MSM is comprised of Americans. The Russian hacking incident is the MSM's way of helping to push blame and to continue its constant attack against Trump.

What's worse:  the external enemy (Russia or any other country) or the enemy within (US citizen under the guise of the MSM, elected politicians from both parties, government bureaucrats, and lobbyists for hire?)