Sunday, November 06, 2016

Vote for Hillary Clinton is a Vote for Graft

The United States of America is clearly past the point of no return as a constitutional republic. Besides the corrupt Democrat Party leaders "anointing" Hillary Clinton as Barack Obama's heir, her level of graft is beyond reproach. To mention just a few..

  • Clinton Foundation's pay to play
  • Emailgate 
  • Benghazi
  • "Quieting" Bill's adultery partners
  • Travelgate
  • Whitewater
  • Filegate
  • Vince Foster 
Our two-party systems has failed us. Traditional Democrats claim to vote for her because they dislike and disapprove of Donal Trump. (Traditional Republicans are voting for him because he is not her.)  If Stalin was the Democrat and Hitler the Republican candidates, would be be "forced' to vote for one of them -- the lesser of two evils?

Hillary is pure evil, created by choice by greed and power. Trump does not appear to be evil but has been able to say whatever he wanted throughout life without recourse. He's untrustworthy.

In the state of Utah, there are eight other candidates on the ballot for President. The argument is that a vote for a third-party is a throw-away vote. How can we in good confidence vote for either Clinton or Trump? Both will be disasters. I lean Republican because I agree with 50% of its platform but I cannot in good conscience vote for Trump. I will never vote for a Democrat because I disagree with 90% of its political platform.

I always vote for the platform, provided the candidate is not evil or insane. In most presidential elections, I vote for the Constitution Party, and this year, that is Darrell Castle. Most of my family members and neighbors voted for Evan McMullian.

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