Monday, November 07, 2016

Democrats Rely on a Permanent Underclass and Dependancies

Historically, a Democrat favors a greater role of government in the lives of its citizens; a Republican less. Unfortunately both have diverted from the Constitution which clearly delineates the role of the federal government. Hence the terms "Republicrat" or "Democrican," there's little real differences today.

It is the evil and/or misguided, self-serving politicians and their underwriters that run politics. Americans are every bit as bad as the banana republics/dictators in Africa, Latin America and Asia, and the socialists throughout Europe and APAC.

Democrats have a history of sticking up for the underprivileged. If they are successful, these individuals become self-deterministic and no longer require the constant care of the government. The Democrats require a permanent underclass in order to maintain its block of voters. It is their very policies that keep these dependencies in check. Democrats have done an excellent job of keeping African-Americans down. They hope to build their ranks by opening the borders to a new class of dependencies. They care nothing about the rule of law if it will further their cause -- meaning to allow them to remain in power.

The American dream of moving up from a lower class to a higher one is not part of the Democrat playbook. It can't be for its survivability.

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