Friday, January 23, 2015

Obama 2015 State of the Union Continues Class Warfare Politics

The law review editor and community organizer is certainly true to his liberal ideology. His 2015 State of the Union speech was nothing new:  more government programs, more spending and more tax-the-rich diatribe.

The tried and true populist "Robin Hood" notion that the rich are too rich and they must be made to pay more has been core to his and most Democrat agendas. Add to this the false belief that higher capital gains taxes is one way to penalize the rich.

Obama is laying the ground work for 2016. He knows that 100 percent of the "ideas" in his one plus hour speech will not be implemented. It is because they are bad ideas for government and for the American people.

Tax breaks for child care and free community college all sound great but they cannot be funded. Free is never free in so many ways. Government paying for this and for that does nothing but tie people to ... government. This is core to why I can never support Democrat ideas. When people oppose this in its government, the rebuttal is non-compassion. It is the opposite that is true.

There are plenty of things the government can and should do. But Obama's list does none of these. None of his ideas actually do anything to create jobs, motivate industry, spur risk, and create real wealth. He only cares about wealth redistribution, not the role of government.

For the next two years, everything he and the media will discuss will have at its core wealth redistribution and class warfare.

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