Saturday, December 20, 2014

"Go To the Movies," Obama Wrong Again

Sony did not make a mistake pulling "The Interview" film. President Obama is wrong.

The Christmas Day terrorist threat on movie theaters, real or not, was a huge risk for Sony and Hollywood. What if 10% of potential theater goers did not show up? 20%? 50%? What if one bomb went off in one theater? The risk is too great.

Sony's mistake was its poor information security systems. That's where the law suits will focus. I'd also refrain from claiming North Korean guilt for this hack.

Sony, local theaters and other Hollywood firms are for-profit businesses. If they want to make movies that insult a group of people that have very different views of freedom that most Americans, they can. But they must realize the potential for strong opposition.

As has been explained, if one leaves his keys in the ignition of his unlocked car and wallet on the seat, and someone steal them, although this is a crime, it is unlikely the insurance company will compensate.

Make your so-called free-speech films but don't be surprised if  others with a different opinion react harshly.

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