Thursday, November 14, 2013

Who Are the Few Signing Up for Obamacare?

Federal officials have claimed just over 106,000 people nationally signed up for Obamacare health insurance plans in the first month of sales. Only 26,000 of those actually went through site -- the site for those residents of the 36 states not running their own health exchange. So of those who signed up, there are some questions:
  1. Have they paid? Will they all pay?
  2. What plans did they come from? Where they canceled from a previous carrier?
  3. Are these people those that had no insurance for some time prior?
  4. Why did they not have insurance at this time?
  5. What pre-existing conditions do these applicants have?
  6. Why would they spend the time to get government-backed insurance? What was their sign-up motive?
Because the absolute insanity to think the federal government can oversee a national healthcare plan with any efficiency, only truly motivated people are going to sign up. Someone with a pre-existing condition that is either medically documented or something that has been personally diagnosed and they have been waiting to get coverage before seeking treatment.

The program's solvency depends on the healthy signing up. Namely the young and healthy. Since the Obama economy has put a damper on what America could do if government were out of its way, the youth don't have the money for health insurance (something few think they need) and doubt there will be any fine that will be enforced.

The federal systems will be full of the sick, the elderly and those that pay little into the system. It will force doctors and hospitals to provide services at financial loses. It will bankrupt some, force others to quite the business, and many others to no enter into the medical profession, especially those jobs that require years of school and residency. If they federal government thinks it can get its way by saying "see, a national healthcare system is the only one that will work," it may be in for a rude awakening.

Federal governmental officials' heads, starting at the top, should roll. We are being "lead" by dishonest thieves. Many of them are people we elected and re-elected. Shame on America.

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