Friday, November 15, 2013

Obama's Keep Your Plan Ruling Is Unconstitutional

Obama caves to Democrat pressure and now says that "the administration will allow insurance companies to keep individual customers on their existing plans for an additional year, even if the plans don't meet the law's standards." How does a Presidency get to say what law will get enforced and shich will not. This is an outrage. Congress creates the laws, the courts interrupts the laws, and the executive branch enforces them -- Constitution 101.

The "law's standards" are laughable -- made up things by a bunch of "we know better than you" bureaucrats.

The fact is the Affordable Care Law is arguably he worst law ever created by Congress, signed by the Presidency, and held constitutional by the Supreme Court. It not only impacts one-sixth of our economy, but stripes all Americans of personal freedom, spits on the Constitution that I cherish.

The president does not have a line-item veto and he certainly can't legally re-write the Obamacare statute just because public opinion dictates and Bill Clinton says so. This is a constitutional crisis of major magnitude. Obama has been acting as if he were a king since his presidential inception. Congress and the media have permitted this to fester from the beginning. All of the apologies in the world are not going to fix a terrible law, Presidency Obama's and supporting Democrat's incompetency, and the ineptitude of the American people allowing these dolts to ruin our way of life.

Congress must act. It must repeal the Affordable Care Act.

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