Friday, November 22, 2013

Dealey Plaza and 50th Anniversery of JFK Assassination

Today (11/22/13) marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. (Interesting, C. S. Lewis died the same day.) Recently, my son and I were in Dallas and spent some time in Dealey Plaza.

Younger people consider it ancient history. I was a very young boy, remembering the day, the funeral and other events surrounding this because we had just got our first TV. With only three stations, that was all that seemed to be on.

Most of us have seen the en Abraham Zapruder video, made from his home-movie camera. It provides the graphic images of the assassination. The photos and movies do little to put it all into perspective. Being there gives one the ability to stand on the grassy knoll, see the layout of Elm Street and understand the actual travel route, and see the Texas School Book Depository from where Oswald fired the fatal shot. We did not pay the $16 to enter the Sixth Floor Museum  due to time (and cost -- a ridiculous fee).

The experience was educational for both my son and I. If you find yourself in Dallas, it is worth the visit. The historical significance on America and our Presidential institution is invaluable.

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