Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Obama's "Middle Class" is Code for Sucker

Obama's message the past few years is structured around using phrases that include "middle class." He panders knowing they make up the bulk of the voting public and that most are politically dead, members of the less-informed masses. He says one thing but robs them blind -- stealing freedom, money and dignity.

He stands for one thing and one thing only: bigger government. As government grows we have less freedom, higher taxes and become content with mediocrity. Whether it is gun control, immigration, food stamps, healthcare, minimum wage, pre-school, or any big-government program, he wants Americans to be kept equal by hatchet, ax and saw. He will use  propagandistic phrases like "it's not a bigger government we need, but a smarter government..."

He has no interest in building up the middle class rather cutting it down. His programs and actions are clear. So whenever you hear him try to appeal to the middle class, don't be a sucker and fall for this spin-doctor.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sociolinguistics Is Code for Politically Correct

Sociolinguistics is defined as the study of language and linguistic behavior as influenced by social and cultural factors. But in practice, it is the scholastic canonization of "politically correct."

On Saturday while listening to Car Talk on my local PBS radio station, some gal called in stating she was a grad student in Washington DC studying sociolinguistics. Even Tom and Ray had to double-take on that field. It came about when they were questioning her about her car story that remotely involved her "partner." We find out later that her partner was her husband. She did not like the word spouse, claiming it was to restriction and non-inclusive. Wow.

It seems amazing that one would spend any money on a graduate degree in sociolinguistics. The scary thing about this is that these graduates will be "qualified" to find employment writing speeches or creating postures for political candidates or parties.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"By No Fault of Their Own"

Anytime in social or political speech one hears "by no fault of their own," a liberal flag should arise.

Listening to various groups complaining about cuts in government services, this phrase has become the calling card of the sympathy gatherers. It is usually followed by "Republicans are taking away things we are entitled to," or "Republicans are cutting services to the poor and giving tax breaks to the rich."

A large portion of the American population have no understanding of civics. Most think civics are multiple Honda-brand cars. The whole concept of how taxation works is lacking. Too many think of the government as a very large business and cannot grasp the concept that government services are only possible by taxing companies and people that actually producing something.

"By no fault of their own"should be the exception, not the new world rule. Many people are poor because of their decisions. People elect not to finish school, learn a trade or graduate from college. People elect to to be immoral and deal with disease and unwanted pregnancy. People elect to drink-and-drive. People elect to drink to much, smoke, and abuse drugs. People elect to eat unhealthy and not exercise. Being "down on your luck" or "going through a tough time" is a temporary status.

The Democrat Party knows its base. It knows that using the "by no fault of their own" calling card, it appeals emotionally to those that have no intent to make significant improvements to their lives.