Friday, April 05, 2013

Balanced Deficit Reduction: Code for Higher Taxes, Bigger Government

Like all politician and magnified by our current White House, they attempt to place a positive spin on any potentially negative news. The news of the day is that 663,000 new people bowed out of the national labor force bringing us to a total of 90 million people not working. Many of these people find it easier to try their luck in the welfare state. And the welfare state complies more than ignores.

The Obama administration talks about adding jobs, the unemployment rate going down to 7.6% from 7.7%, and blaming the Republicans and the sequester for any negatives. They then delve into their balanced deficit reduction diatribe. They talk of building roads and bridges and promoting American manufacturing. They conveniently avoid any mention the impact that the recent tax increase may have had in thwarting investment, increasing spending and creating any reason for optimistic growth behavior. Likewise, no mention is made that government employment is strong.

Balanced deficit reduction is nothing more than what the liberal Democrats have tossed around for decades:  higher taxes, greater spending and more government services. Simple things like the National Head Start program continuing to get money (and hoping to get more) with no proof it is anything other than an expensive babysitting programming. If it is social, it gets funded. Never will they admit to a failed social program, rather stating it needs more money and time. They never ask the question:  what empirical proof exists for continuing this program? In the business world products fail and are abandoned; not in the government.

The Obama Administration has failed America. It has created more dependents. It has discouraged entrepreneurism, business investment and higher education. (Why go into debt if the job potential return is questionable?) It has created a culture of entitlement and sloth. It has spurned the American dream of hard work and reward.

Obama and his cronies have done more damage to America than all the other prior administrations combined. They have three more years. Hard telling what additional harm they will bring.

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