Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Fiscal Cliff Vote -- Loss for America

Politics are about compromise. Politics are about special interest rewards. Politics are about power. The 257-167 House fiscal cliff vote was a bipartisan compromise. The praise is self-praise, Democrats and Republicans alike. This bill is a huge tax increase coupled with massive new spending, sold as a tax break for the middle class.

Most idiots will claim that the rich are greedy and can afford it. Most party hawks will claim it is better to see a small increase in the payroll tax than the big income tax that would have occurred had the bill not passed. Another fake crisis created by the very dolts we have elected.

Our elected politicians have created the mess we are in -- too much spending and too much taxation. This fiscal cliff bill is just another bump on the road to national insolvency. We have a hole bunch of other issues looming. This legislature body is unwilling to do what is required to solve our national financial disaster.

How does this Congress justify a 154-page bill that gets voted upon after being available for just 3 minutes prior? How does Congress pass a bill that is packed full of new spending, of which a large amount is pork? Why do people believe Obama's wealth redistribution plan of changing the tax code skewed in favor of the wealthy? Why do people believe he has any interest in reducing the deficit even with his so-called "balanced approach?"

This bill increase taxes for the top income earners, estates, capital gains, dividends, medical devices, payroll.

Americans now have less money to spend on whatever they want -- instead more money diverted for government pet and inefficient projects. We have less to invest in new business and growth. We have less incentive to save and invest. We continue to become less competitive.

Senators Reid and McConnell, Representatives Boehner and Pelosi, and President Obama all continue to fail America. They only care about their staying power and historical posture, little about what is in America's long-term interest. Obama and his fellow party leaders have no interest in negotiation, no interest in reducing the deficit, no interest in cutting spending, no interest in cutting tax rates.

We continue to manage failure by make-believe successes.

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