Friday, November 16, 2012

Hamas, Israel and the PR Battle

On the surface, you'd think that Hamas has no leg to stand on. For years now they have been launching random missiles from Gaza into southern Israel. If Israel retaliates, Hamas tries to make it appear that it is the mean bully Israel that has caused all of the despair in Gaza, if not the West Bank. The latest actions are drawing the two parties very close to a hot war.

Hamas, primarily a terrorist group, that was elected to government Gaza, is a failed government. They results after three plus years are poverty, hopelessness, and a large cache of missiles. They unify the people on a continual diatribe of anti-Israel hate.

Over the past month, Hamas has launched over 1000 rockets into Israel. They do so from civilian neighborhoods near mosques, playgrounds, civilian factories, gas stations, etc. Their hope is that an Israel retaliation will hit and kill a child. The resulting PR both within and with the international media has worked for them in the past.

When the Hamas rockets hit and kill Israelis the PR opportunity switches sides.

Every nation has the duty to retaliate for any military incursions into their land. I am shocked that Israel has waited as long as they have to respond with direct hits into Gaza. Israelis seem 100% behind Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

The Israeli call-up of 30,000 reserves and the threat of a ground assault has sparked Egypt’s prime minister, Hisham Qandil (Muslim Brotherhood leader) to push for a cease fire and for a lead at the Arab League table.

We will hear about the imbalance of "war-related" deaths. Three plus years ago it was a 1000 Palestinians to 10-15 Israelis. Today it is 19 to 3

It is the same old story. Israel will forever be the enemy. The Arabs (and Persians) will never accept Israel's existence. It is tough to sympathize with the Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank. Politically they cannot operate on anything other than hate. They refuse to focus on economic growth, education, healthcare, and peace. At some point, Israel will let go with a massive military assault, all but destroying the once-occupied territories of Gaza and West Bank.


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