Monday, November 05, 2012

Election 2012: Doubling-Down On Failed Policies or Not

Four years ago, Obama was all about hope and change. Bush's appeal was limited and his replacement wannabe McCain was a terrible alternative. Now we have four year of failed policies and a government that is so indebted we may never recover.

Obama, like most liberal Democrats, must hid who they are. They cannot run a socialistic campaign. They must use emotion and entitlement rhetoric. They must spin the record. They must lie. Obama has not run on his record, rather has ran on trying to destroy his opponent's character and fabricate his record.

Four years ago, Obama was taking about Bush's failed policies, our national debt, America's image from abroad -- a very centrist approach. Once elected, he tossed all of that out and ran a pure liberal agenda with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. They focused on a tax receipts (income) redistribution, and a whole series of debt-increasing/Keynesian spending programs from Cash For Clunkers, crony stimulus programs, payback and unnecessary shovel-ready projects, TARP, bailouts and banking/financial institution restructuring often at the expense of real investors in favor of unions and other insiders, unemployment benefit extensions, massive food stamp promotion and growth, limited-appeal green industry "investment," Federal Reserve-based Quantitative Easing I, II and III, and last but not least, Obamacare (arguably the worst piece of legislation in American history).

Obama and his congressional cronies have no budgets. They just spend and spend, buying indulgences from the ignorant. Telling is how blacks plan on voting this year despite the record. Jason Riley wrote in his op-ed "For Blacks, the Pyrrhic Victory of the Obama Era":
Four years ago, 95% of black voters went for Mr. Obama, and he is likely to win something approaching that percentage in his re-election bid, notwithstanding economic data showing that blacks have lost ground on his watch. When the president assumed office, unemployment was 12.7% for blacks and 7.1% for whites. Today it is 14.3% for blacks and 7% for whites, which means that the black-white employment gap has not merely persisted under Mr. Obama but widened.

No matter. The president's approval rating among African-Americans is pushing 90%, and a Washington Post/ABC News tracking poll last week found that 97% of blacks plan to double down on him in this election.
He has never had any intent to work with Republicans. Remember the "Great Bargain" with Speaker Boehner that did not happen, the Super Committee to avoid automation cuts, his slam-the-Paul Ryan budget and the passing of the Affordable Care Act without due process?

If America re-elects Obama, America will forever be changed. It will become an even greater entitlement society, without morals and personal responsibility, financially insolvent, and ripe for complete destruction, if not anarchy, from within.

I believe the American people will not re-elect Obama. I believe that Romney will be America's next President. But even then, I doubt the founding principles of the American Republic will resonate with the masses in the future.

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