Monday, July 16, 2012

Romney Speech Highlights NAACP's True Colors

The media roar has mellowed after Romney's speech at the NAACP convention last week (instead it has opted to hammer him about his work in the private sector.)

The NAACP may have started out as a viable, meaningful organization, but its usefulness for those it claims to aid has all but disappeared.

Most racism in America is kept alive by organizations and leaders who benefit from racism. NAACP is no exception. Having Romney speak at its convention is a sham to begin with. Those members and participants have no intent to consider the policies he and the Republican Party espouse. Obama will still get 90% of the black vote because a) he is black and b) because he promises things they like to hear (which only benefits the black leaders and continues to enslave the black people.)

The NAACP does not represent the mindset of the average black voter. It is nothing more than a liberal entity that benefits from big government spending. It has no intent in solving America's racial inequality problems. Doing so would make them all get real jobs. It only benefits if black people are dependent on government programs.

The programs Romney and non-liberal organizations would like to implement to address healthcare, education and jobs in black communities get booed because they are the opposite of those favored by tax and spend liberal politicians and the organizations they mutually support.

It was a good speech, perhaps Romney's best. The end result was to see the NAACP's true colors as an organization that only desires continued racism, which it helps keep alive.

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