Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Obama vs. Entrepreneurs

A politician does not make a businessman. Obama was nothing prior to his speech at the 2004 Democrat Convention, merely a community activist and non-practicing lawyer. His business and economic ineptitude is well established. He added another plaque to his wall with his “You Didn’t Get There on Your Own” comments.

Assuming we give him the benefit of the doubt, his comments seemed to be along the line that someone or something helped the entrepreneur, like a road and airplane, a police office that gave him a warning instead of a ticket, a public school teacher that showed up to class most of time, a postage stamp to mail a letter of recommendation.

One does not necessarily need to be super smart to start a business, but one does need a good idea, a competitive advantage, an ability to execute on that idea, some financing, and lots of hard work and long days.

There are some things only a government can do -- military, regulate commerce with foreign nations, establish a uniform rule of naturalization, coin money and deal with counterfeiting, establish post offices, etc. The role of entrepreneur is not one of them. The President pretending he knows what it is like to be an entrepreneur is just pathetic. He is delusional to think that man needs government to succeed.

He would never even consider the fact that entrepreneurs would be even more productive, more people would attempt to start their own business, and that success would be greater if government was less intrusive in the process.

Only a demented person would talk off teleprompter on a topic he knows absolutely nothing about.

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