Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Supreme Court Ruling on AZ Immigration Laws

On Monday, the Supreme Court upheld the main issue in the Arizona anti-illegal immigration laws: the ability of local law enforcement to determine the immigration status of anyone they stop or arrest if they have reason to suspect that the individual might be in the country illegally. However, the majority of the Justices rejected measures that would have subjected illegal immigrants to criminal penalties for activities like seeking work.

Arizona passed these laws because the federal government has elected no to enforce the federal laws. The illegal immigrates cause serious financial and criminal issues, costs born mainly by state and local governments.

The White House reacted immediately by refusing to cooperate with AZ law enforcement entities that have taken illegals in custody as a result of not being in the country legally.

Romney responded by trying to cow-tow to the Hispanics by claiming he will try to loosen some restrictions on foreign-worker visas but also leaning toward his form of amnesty.

This Court ruling came as a surprise in that Chief Justice Roberts joined sides with the reformist justices that legislate from the bench.

America lost a bit of its freedom on Monday. It continues to show that the rule of law means little in America. It demonstrates an administration will select to enforce that laws it chooses to enforce and ignore the ones it dislikes.

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