Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Obama Panicing and Posturing Over Court'sPotential Affordable Care Act Ruling

Only hours after the Supreme Court hearing on the Constitutionality of Obama's and the Congressional Democrat's Affordable Care Act, the Obama re-election team is posturing against a potential Supreme Court invalidation of "his baby."

Obama stated yesterday: "I'm confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress." Unprecedented?

Obviously the Constitutional lawyer has decided that over the past 2oo plus years, the Supreme Court has never invalidated parts or all of countless laws on grounds that they violated the Constitution. Likewise, he seems to have ignored that
all of those laws were passed by a "democratically elected" legislature of some kind, either Congress or in one of the states. And no doubt many of them were passed by "strong" majorities.

As my long-standing Senator Orin Hatch stated:
It must be nice living in a fantasy world where every law you like is constitutional and every Supreme Court decision you don’t is "activist."
The Obama team's reaction is bordering on panic. They will never admit to a law that was rushed through Congress with only hours for the members to read (which they didn't); a law that was and is disliked by the majority; a law that will create a financial nightmare and stifling entitlement; a law that rang unconstitutional from the get-go.

If the Court rules against the Affordable Care Act all or in parts, it will be an anvil around Obama's neck during his re-election bid. Could not happen to a more egotistical human being.

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Charles D said...

There have been a number of bills rushed through Congress with no opportunity for real debate or even a reading of the bill. That is a common technique of both parties when they are in power.

The problem is that the Congress is virtually powerless. They have abdicated most of their power to the Executive Branch, they are so hampered by partisan bickering and arcane rules that the only bills that can be passed are those supported by large numbers of lobbyists.

We no longer have the checks and balances the founders intended. We have a legislative branch that is incapable of independent action, an executive branch that has near-monarchical powers, and a judiciary that is owned and operated by corporate special interests.