Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Politicans That Pick Winners and Losers

The real difference between Democrats and Republicans is not that Democrats see a bigger role of government in the lives of its citizens (as it was at one time), rather it is the program winners and losers they pick.

One one hand, you have the warmongering and drill baby-drill camp while on the other you have the government-run healthcare and church of the environment camp. Both Parties seem to pick their favorite programs and try to pass laws in their favor. Where it really hurts is when they agree on programs and policies that are not based on the Constitution.

The latest is the Nat Gas Act. An attempt by a few in both parties to exploit ample reserves and affordability to speed natural gas adoption throughout the nation. The proponents want the government to subsidize vehicle conversion, service station equipment, and deeper distribution.

Again, those that favor this have a business interest in its success. Laissez faire policies apply when it is in the "best interest of the nation." When it does not, it is pork, strong-arming, and anti-American.

The federal government should not be in the business of picking economic winners and losers. It has no business of subsidizing oil, coal, natural gas, wind, solar, nuclear.

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