Friday, February 24, 2012

Obama the Puppet Liar

On Thursday, 23 Feb 2012, Daniel Henninger wrote a spot-on commentary in the WSJ: Obama's Virtual Economy.
With his recently announced campaign platform — An Economy Built to Last — President Obama has essentially constructed a virtual economy. Instead of the economy we all live in, he's making one up and inviting us to pretend we are living in it.
Just about every politician is a liar. Obama just happens to be one of the better one's. If you were to put all of Obama's pre-election promises in the left column, and what he has done these past three years, the items on the right hand column most would be opposite.

If Obama can lie his way through November, America will have completed its first major metamorphosis. If someone else gets in, then it will be delayed slightly.

Take your pick, Obama, Santorum or Romney will all be puppets. There is little difference between traditional Democrats and traditional Republicans. The difference is just a matter of scope, but both Parties will take us to the same devolution point.

It has become so very clear is that the as Obama has been the biggest Wall Street puppet to date, Romney will fit nicely. To the power brokers and bankers, their ends will be achieved with either.

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