Saturday, January 21, 2012

Declining Marriage & Morals in America

"The New American Divide" article in today's WSJ gave me pause about marriage and morality.

Americans are marrying later. Fewer are getting married at all. Divorce is still rampant. Couple that live together prior to marriage divorce at higher rates. Non-married mothers are almost as numerous as married mothers. Abortion still an epidemic.

According to the article, since 1960, marriage for white upper-middle class is down 11% (from 94% to 83%). For white working class, marriage is down 36% (from 84% in 1960 to 48% in 2010).

There are many reasons for this. One impacting all aspects of American society, more than just marriage, is declining morality. How many couples are celibate prior to after being married? Virginity has become a joke in the media -- the mocking of Tebow case in point. Women are too free with their bodies, starting at an increasingly young age.

Blaming it on the media is easy. The real issue is in the home with lack of parental supervision and real parenting. Too many children are unsupervised throughout the day. Human nature dictates curiosity into the world of vices.

Even in towns and neighborhood in Mormon-dominated Utah, we see increasingly poor decisions. Return missionaries taking advantages of young, naive girls. Married men increasingly involved in pornography and extramarital affairs. Overt homosexuality trending up. Mormon culture is not too different than non-Mormon culture, sadly. Too many are not living their religion. Too many lie, cheat and justify unrighteous behavior.

Decisions of a moral nature impact society at it core. Children raised by single mothers is devastating to the woman and to the child. In most cases, there is little chance these children will amount to much. The mothers works, the children are at home. The mothers bring home little income. The children's education is weak -- the public schools stink and education in the home non-existent. The viscous circle continues all because a woman thought that she needed to have sex with a man she was not married to.

It use to be that for a man to have sex, he needed to either be married or he paid for it. Men are made to have sex and to be married. It is what makes humanity work. Women get protection and can minimize economical risk. Children get stability and balance. Certainly it is never perfect but traditional families are still the best way to build a successful and prosperous society. The numbers back this up.

Unfortunately, with the decline in marriage and morality, these problem will continue to spiral in the wrong way. What's right will be spurned; what's wrong will be justified.

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