Friday, December 23, 2011

South Carolina Voter Law Blocked By Feds

The Department of Justice rears is ugly political head by blocking South Carolina's new voter identification law which requires would-be voters to show photo identification.

The feds claim that the law will effect poorer, uneducated people; i.e., African-American, who either cannot afford or do not know how to obtain a legal identification -- state-issued or military photo identification. Current law allows voters to use a printed voter registration card as identification.

This continues to point out the demarcation lines between the class warfare, liberal Obama administration and Republican-led state governments.

The federal Voting Rights Act specifies that states must prove that any changes in voting law don't have the effect of discriminating against minorities. (When I recently voted in Utah, I had to show my ID. I was thankful for that.)

Democrats claim the Republicans are trying to limit the right to vote. Republicans claim the law is designed to avoid vote fraud.

It is clear that the individual that is able to make it to the polls but cannot or does not know how to get a legal ID will only vote Democrat. Politics rules its ugly head for all the wrong reasons.

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