Friday, December 23, 2011

Payroll Tax Break, Extended Unemployment, Medicare Cut Debacle

After weeks of posturing, Congress approved a two-month renewal of payroll tax cuts for 160 million workers, unemployment benefits for millions and sustaining of current Medicare payment rates. The news is what a joke our Congressional leaders and President are.

The Democrats wanted the 2 month extension for the payroll tax; the Republicans wanted a full year. Neither will address the risk element associated with business in America.

Reid's error is thinking the two month extension will somehow benefit the American economy. What it will do is give the Democrats and President another chance to play class warfare in a few weeks. Boehner's error was thinking that 12 months was somehow better than two months. What it will allow him to do is by caving, he will be able to say he compromised.

Neither party appears to have any interest in solving our national economic woes.

The American people, and more importantly the nation, are not being served by its federally-elected officials. We have not been for years. And it is unlikely that this will change anytime soon.

As long as we allow our politicians to play class warfare games, the real effort to create a viable economic climate in America will never exist.

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