Saturday, December 24, 2011

Stock Market Wants to Soar

Today's front page story on the WSJ is "Stock Market Hits 5-Month High." For years now the Dow and other major indexes have gone up and down. First getting over that 10,000 point market then for short time in the 14,000 range. The recent global recession saw it fall to the 7,000 point range in 2009 and come back to over 12,000 now. The question is why?

On Friday, the market went up on a pathetic piece of news that Congress passed a two-month stay on the Social Security payroll tax. Equity investors are looking for any news.

-- Unemployment not up as high as anticipated
-- New housing starts not as negative as thought
-- American consumer spending up from all-time lows
-- European central bankers agreeing to massive loans
-- Obama Administration's massive Keynesian spending and unimaginable debts buy us a few years.

If Congress would create positive economic conditions with lower taxes, fewer entitlements and decrease the scope government, this economy would soar.

The Democrats benefit from tough times because the poorer people become the more likely they will vote for entitlement and spending programs -- Democrat policies.

As the masses become more equal in a poorer direction, the few at the top become richer. This is the history of the socialism.

Friday, December 23, 2011

South Carolina Voter Law Blocked By Feds

The Department of Justice rears is ugly political head by blocking South Carolina's new voter identification law which requires would-be voters to show photo identification.

The feds claim that the law will effect poorer, uneducated people; i.e., African-American, who either cannot afford or do not know how to obtain a legal identification -- state-issued or military photo identification. Current law allows voters to use a printed voter registration card as identification.

This continues to point out the demarcation lines between the class warfare, liberal Obama administration and Republican-led state governments.

The federal Voting Rights Act specifies that states must prove that any changes in voting law don't have the effect of discriminating against minorities. (When I recently voted in Utah, I had to show my ID. I was thankful for that.)

Democrats claim the Republicans are trying to limit the right to vote. Republicans claim the law is designed to avoid vote fraud.

It is clear that the individual that is able to make it to the polls but cannot or does not know how to get a legal ID will only vote Democrat. Politics rules its ugly head for all the wrong reasons.

Payroll Tax Break, Extended Unemployment, Medicare Cut Debacle

After weeks of posturing, Congress approved a two-month renewal of payroll tax cuts for 160 million workers, unemployment benefits for millions and sustaining of current Medicare payment rates. The news is what a joke our Congressional leaders and President are.

The Democrats wanted the 2 month extension for the payroll tax; the Republicans wanted a full year. Neither will address the risk element associated with business in America.

Reid's error is thinking the two month extension will somehow benefit the American economy. What it will do is give the Democrats and President another chance to play class warfare in a few weeks. Boehner's error was thinking that 12 months was somehow better than two months. What it will allow him to do is by caving, he will be able to say he compromised.

Neither party appears to have any interest in solving our national economic woes.

The American people, and more importantly the nation, are not being served by its federally-elected officials. We have not been for years. And it is unlikely that this will change anytime soon.

As long as we allow our politicians to play class warfare games, the real effort to create a viable economic climate in America will never exist.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Citizens Pursuing Their Self-Interest

Our presidential nomination process is way too long. We know who the Democrat nominee is and what he stands for. For the most part, we know what the Republican candidates stand for. They differ on some things, are similar on most; the main differences comes down to personality, track record and electability.

The 2012 elections, as have the federal elections for the past century, offer a clear path for the nation. I want leaders, e.g., a President, that supports the following simple principles.

I want leaders with a clearly delineated vision, one not beholden to special interests and donors.

I want politicians that believe in a merit-based society, not an entitlement society. I want people to achieve their rewards based on their education, intelligence, work effort, and willingness to take risks.

I want a government that minimizes hurdles and costs businesses and individuals need to incur as they pursue their self-interest.

I want leaders that support an economy where individuals pursue what's in their self interest, not one based on a centralized group of planners who feel they know what is best for all.

I want leaders that follow our Constitution as the Founder intended, not a document tossed about by revisionist judges and bureaucrats.

I desire leaders that believe that America must lead in values, economic development and military, no those that go out of their way to support perversions, non-citizen preferences, ridiculous government hand-outs, and the why-can't-we-all-just-get-along foreign policy mindset.

Republicans as a rule support these principles; Democrats do not. Because of these personal beliefs, I have rarely voted for a Democrat (I did when I was very young...once).

The problem with many of today's candidates is that they are Republicans In Name Only (RINO). The Republican that will beat the Democrat Obama will be the one that best adheres to these "conservative" principles, not the middle-of-the-road, do-nothing posture of the independent.