Friday, October 07, 2011

Occupy ""Whatever" vs Tea Party

Only a dolt like our inept Vice President Biden could compare the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators to the Tea Party members.

Tea Party members are employed or otherwise contributing members of society. The Occupy "Whatever" participants are not.

Both groups are disgusted with the status quo of the federal government. This could be the Zeitgeist of this present era. Greed rules Wall Street and major corporate hierarchies. Re-election and self-aggrandizement are the norm for politicians.

Obama's Job Bill is a piece of accomplish-nothing rubbish. He is the no-one-is listening-to-you President. When he appears on the radio or TV, I quickly turn the dial or channel. He's nothing more than a lying spin-machine as is his administration.

What is core to Obama administration and the Occupy Whatever groups is their class warfare diatribe. Take all of the unemployed, under-employed, welfare-receiving, union-loving and hate-the-rich jealous voters and you have a critical mass of dolts. It is this class that Obama is counting on.

Protesting symbolizes freedom in society. The irony of what many of these individuals want is the exact opposite of what a free capitalist society provides. The everyone-is-equal-society is pure communist doctrine. Obama and those rich Wall Street types that fund him prefer mass equality -- at a third-world level -- so long as they are in power and living a first-class lifestyle.

Tea Partiers prefer capitalism and freedom it provides. Occupy Whatever prefer communism and its non-freedom.

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