Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obama's Bus Tour Is A Non-Listening Tour

When has Barack Obama ever listened? His ego would never accept an idea from anyone other than his liberal peers. This midwestern bus tour is nothing more than an opportunistic presidential bully pulpit.

The thing that a sitting president has over his potential opponents is his record. Because Obama's record is pathetic, he needs to lie and decieve his way out of the mess his liberal, socialistic policies have placed us in. What Obama is trying to do is the only thing he can do: shift blame onto the evil Republicans.

When Obama talks of broken politics, that is code for: "if it weren't for Republicans, I could have MY OWN WAY".

For the most part, I like gridlock. The more gridlock, the less laws get passed. In the recent debt ceiling debate, I would have been perfectly fine with no action.

Modern American politicians, from either party, can only do one thing: create more laws, more programs, and more costs -- more government. The party difference is scope.

These next 15 months will be pure hell for America. We will have to listen to politician after politician make promises that either cannot or should not be kept. The American political process has become the age of populism. It is bad for Latin American and it is bad for the USA.


Possibly Joe said...

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LDS Fact Finder said...

President Obama (which is the appropriate title every American should give him) is the most sensitive, caring and listening president we’ve had in years. My only regret is that he hasn’t taken a more aggressive approach in his position, and been less compromising to the right wing agenda, so that he could really prove his ideas.

He doesn’t need to shift the blame to the Republicans; it has been there firmly for years and hasn’t moved an inch.

I agree with you about the ‘debt ceiling.’ I would have rather seen no compromise here. But please don’t forget that President Obama has only done it once; President Bush did it 7 times.

I’m eager for the engagement between all parties in the upcoming campaign. The Republicans have already declined head-on debates with the President, and the demise of their insignificant troop of nominees will occur once they cannot avoid direct confrontation with the Commander-in-Chief. It’s certain that any other candidate will not be running against the president…only running away.

Are you even aware of what the word ‘populism’ means? Here is the definition: “Any of various, often antiestablishment or anti-intellectual political movements or philosophies that offer unorthodox solutions or policies and appeal to the common person rather than according with traditional party or partisan ideologies.” This seems to perfectly describe the tea-party movement. I can’t understand why you espouse right-wing ideology, yet feel that populism is bad for America; which in fact, it most certainly is.

Hayes said...

Thanks for your comments.

Realize that I dislike just about all politicians. So the argument about "Obama did this but Bush did this x7" and the opposite "Bush was bad but Omaba" are not good political posture.

As you can tell by my writings, I espouse capitalism and original constitutionalism. I am for less govt. As such, these positions do not align themselves with the Democrats and only marginally with the Republicans.