Saturday, July 23, 2011

Taxes Are Now Referred to As Revenue

Subtle but very real, the White House, Democrats and many in the media are now referring to taxes as revenue.

The government increases its revenue by levying taxes. The government does not make or produce anything. It can increase "revenue" by increasing tax rates (the traditional Democrat method) or it can realize additional revenue through economic growth (the traditional Republican method).

When we hear government and revenue in the same sentence, it is almost always code for higher taxes.

If it is not clear now to Americans, Democrats are fighting this debt ceiling battle doing the only thing Democrats can do: demand higher taxes. The problem with its position is that higher taxes always mean higher spending. That's what politicians do, spend money, create programs; Democrats are the superior party at doing this, but Republicans do their share (hence the reference to RINO Republican).

A vote for a Democrat, regardless of how nice a man or woman that politician is, will always favor higher taxes and bigger government. Only a true Republican (today they are called Conservatives) will favor lower taxes and smaller government.

That is what this debt ceiling debate is all about.

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