Thursday, May 05, 2011

Release of Not To Release Bin Laden Death Photos?

The debate over whether or not to release the death photos of Osama bin Laden is interesting. Both sides of the argument have decent points. However, I come down on the side of full disclosure -- the photos should be released.

The key constituency is the American people, not those that already hate America. It is not going to incite additional violence as President Obama claims. If there are 10 million people that want violence against the USA, will these photos somehow double or triple that number?

There is no more real risk that these photographs will inflame Muslim or Arab sensibilities any more than the photographs of the dead Saddam Hussein or his sons did.

These images should not be any more disturbing than any other gruesome photos are. The photos of a few of the others killed in Abbottabad are no less disturbing. Newspapers printed gangster deaths in the 19020s. TV and Hollywood do not hold back from what they show us. How about video games? Come on, the gruesome argument no longer flies (sadly).

Sure, there will be a contingency that will say that the photos are not real, rather a product of Photoshop edits. Some people are conspiracy theorists at heart. No evidence with sway them. God bless them. I am glad they exist. I am not one of them.

Bin Laden is not a trophy. We have already shown that we are not fans of long-lasting triumphalism. I was bored of this story within a half-day. What the photos will help communicate is that bin Laden's end result will be the outcome lesson for all terrorists. The brutality of his death is key to the message.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Obama Admin Spinning Bin Laden Assassination

The killing of global public enemy #1 Osama bin Laden on 1 May is a significant milestone in the on-going global war on terror. The effort and expense that has gone into that manhunt was enormous. Seeing him killed by USA Navy SEALs is a fitting end to an evil man. However, the Obama administration cannot help itself by trying to spin it for political gain.

Here are some questions that we'd like answered...they will be answered eventually:

-- Was bin Laden armed? Did he resist? After hearing two loud helicopters landing, multi-minutes worth of gun fire, a man that was almost always pictured with an automatic rifle, all in a compound with high walls, barbed wire, security cameras, it seems logical that he was.

-- Did he kill himself? Did he want America to get credit for his death or would he have rather taken his own life like many paranoid leaders have done in history?

-- Was there a real gun battle? Did any of our SEAL get hit? Seems reasonable there was a gun battle, just how intense?

-- How did bin Laden's wife get hit in the leg as she tried to interfere, another woman killed in the cross fire, and bin Laden hit with two direct head shots? These are the best in special forces. They killed who they wanted to kill and did not kill who they wanted left alive.

-- How did one of the helicopters crash in a 'vortex' caused by the compound's walls? Seems more likely that it was shot down by an RPG, some other surface-to-air explosive, or damaged in a fire fight.

-- Was the assault video recorded? Of course. There was no blackout. I would guess that every single SEAL has a head camera. It would be dumb if they didn't. Secretary Clinton did not have her hand over her month because of an allergy; it was because of what she was seeing. There was no ~30 blackout during the assault as the CIA Director Panetta was forced to say.

-- What took ~40 minutes? Seems either resistance or what is probable is the collecting of evidence and the bodies they took with them.

-- Dead or alive? Obama chose death because he could not handle bin Laden's Gitmo detention. It would have been better for intelligence if we took him alive. It is better for national positioning if he was gunned down like the dog he was.

-- Buried at sea? This seems to have been the right decision, eliminating the shrine potential. Not saying where in the sea this occurred seem wise also. Obama's people made sure there were proper Muslim witnesses as they went out of their way to make sure the religiously-perverted bin Laden had an Islamic burial.

-- DNA verified? We are lead to believe the DNA testing and verification is a multi-hour if not multi-day event. Sounds like they did it in minutes.

It was a targeted assassination okayed by President Obama. A very tough thing to do for a liberal like him. But it turns out it was the right thing to have done, despite all of the cover-up the administration is in the process of doing.