Monday, April 11, 2011

Unions Equate to Money Laundering Organizations

How long has it been since labor unions actually cared for its members? Fifty years? Seventy-five years?

Today, labor unions exist for one main purpose: to launder money for the Democrat Party. Most other benefits union members receive are minor in importance and significance.

If you are a teacher, city or state employee, employed in certain trades, you often have little choice in belonging to the related union. It is part of your terms of employment.

Unions keep its members by the contracts it negotiates with "management. This despite what it does to the underlying financials. Who cares if the automobile company can make a car people want to buy. Who cares if the tax revenues cannot support the payouts. To these union members, these entitlements are just that, something they should receive as part of their terms of employment regardless of the underlying finances.

It is human nature that if you receive a handout, you get use to it and will get upset if that money flow is disrupted. We see this in labor and public employee unions every day now.

Core to the problem is that too many people are now working for the government and are dependent on the union-supplied cash flow and benefits. They are hooked. There are enough of these people that they will continue to vote themselves pay-raises. This will happen until someone forces a reality check or there is a complete financial meltdown; i.e. government bankruptcy.

Unions were useful a hundred years ago. Today they are money laundering organizations for the Democrat Party.

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