Saturday, April 30, 2011

Public-Sector Unions State of Denial

Ever since Wisconsin Governor Walker stood up against a segment of the Wisconsin public-sector unions, I have tried to figure out what planet I live on.

This battle continued throughout the Midwest and yesterday reared its head in Massachusetts. If Mass cannot support public-sector unions, which state can?

When there is no money, there is no money. What part of that don't these people understand? When public-sector workers and their retired counterparts believe it is their right to get large annual pay raises, continue to get amazing benefits, and be immune from economic downturns, they have clearly demonstrated their ignorance.

Unions do what's right for their selfish needs, anyone not party to this be damned. The unions are all about power, never about right or ethic. Fortunately, liberal policies can only be carried out so far. Money does run out. Spending more does not make things better. Printing more notes is not the panacea. The big government bubble will burst. The result is not a tough time for a few people, it is the ruin of a nation.

Sure, America will still exist, but not as it was founded. Freedom American-style has become a thing of the past.

When we elect people to do what is right and support the will of the people, and they rule as autocrats, we have passed that tipping point.

Public-sector unions are just another bad liberal idea that is helping to bring down this house of cards. America tried democracy for 235 years but it crashed from within.

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