Sunday, April 24, 2011

Obama Goal #1: Redistribution of Wealth

It has become abundantly clear that President Obama's number one political goal is the redistribution of wealth. Everything he has done, supports and wants to do surround this point. These programs have always been and will always be government theft.

-- Social Security -- legal Ponzi scheme entitlement
-- Obamacare -- non-scalable entitlement for middle class resulting in overall worse coverage
-- Medicare & Medicaid -- medical entitlement for the elderly at the expense for the MDs & hospitals
-- Welfare -- program to help those who cannot or elect not to help themselves. Those on food stamps eat way better than my family and I do. Go to any grocery store in a lower-class neighborhood (try Wal-mart) and watch how the heavy-set gal with a loaded cart pays for her groceries and notice what she is buying versus what you are buying.
-- Taxes -- With about half the nation paying no federal income taxes, there is a growing base of people that want to "sock it to the rich" as that is their "gravy train."
-- Government-backed education -- America's educational system is and will always be a failed effort because 1) it is based on 75 years of failed policies and 2) is driven by unions with a focus on its adult members and not on the children.
-- Public employee unions -- this is just a ridiculous concept perpetrated by a group of arrogant leaders and idiotic members.
-- Agriculture/Energy/Environmental subsidies -- political pork projects based 100% on graft. Instead of funding pet project, the investment should be in R&D (how to make alternative energies scalable and affordable, how to make car get 100 miles per gallon without sacrificing power, etc. -- hard stuff)

When you despise American ingenuity and loath capitalism; when you lack a moral fabric and fail to understand free agency, when you feel government will solve more of life's woes than open markets, you have a socialist in the mold of President Obama.

After a escaping the shackles of British tyranny some 235 years ago, President Obama has done more harm to the America than all his predecessors combined.

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