Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama -- Destroyer of Real America

Obama appears to only feel comfortable as a campaigner. A political leader he is not. He is the worst example of a leader I think I have ever seen.

Obama's deficit speech was nothing more than political wrangling. It was 100% geared toward his 2012 re-election campaign. It was positing him as not having anything to do with the the financial mess we have found our nation in. It is still Bush's mess that is perpetuated by the traditional Democrat message of anti-Republicanism "starve the children," "kill the elderly," and "tax the rich."

He has no interest in bi-partisanism. He has no interest in debate. It is his way or no way.

He, along with his congressional cronies, have their interest first and foremost, not what is best for the nation. He is a liar and as egotistical as they come.

He assumes Americans are dumb. Certainly many are -- they could care less about politics and are incapable of understanding simple economics. This is his base. But enough Americans know that his arrogance has run its course.

He has no plan to address our spending and ballooning deficits. He only can criticize the Republican/Ryan plan. The king of "hope and change" says that the Ryan plan will fundamentally change America as we know it. Yes, that is the idea. We are a broken nation with Obama unwilling to lead. The Republicans had better lead. If they don't the past two years of "hope and change" will kill America and relegate it to historical greatness.

Republicans must start by refusing to raise the debt ceiling without massive spending cuts. This government must be shut down and the out-of-control spending must end; not in six months but now.


friends said...

Hayes, would you please consider writing a review for my new book. Chapter 6 has something in it that goes along with this post. Thanks.

Hayes said...

I will look at it.