Thursday, April 14, 2011

NO to 2011 Budget, NO to Debt Ceiling Increase, No to New Taxes

After Obama's most dishonest speech in modern presidential history, the Republicans should vote NO of the Boehner-Reid 2011 budget. There are no meaningful cuts and they should start over by shutting down the federal government.

Republicans should put everything on the table. This posture of no military cuts on the table is idiotic. Everything in our government is too big, including the the military. Maybe this will force us to end our involvement in these 2.5 military money pits -- Iraq, Afghanistan and Lybia.

Republican leaders seem to think that the MSM is going to somehow love them by "doing the right thing." They never will. There is no history of this. The Republicans need to fight the fight the right way and use the non-MSM as their outlet. They need fight fire with fire. They need to take the upper hand and shove this budget down the Democrat's throats.

The Republicans should not vote to raise the debt ceiling. The Republicans should literally curse Obama on his tax increase desires. Our problem is not on the revenue side but 100% of the spending side (as well as our broke monetary -- print more money -- policy). They can prove that Obama's soak-the-rich tax hikes won't work but it is not worth the effort with the MSM. Too many people dislike the rich and their opinions will not change. They need to focus on right-sizing the government and making sure the government does what it was founded to do 235 years ago. The fact that the average person is forced to turn over 50% of their income (in federal, state, city, country, property, sales taxes) to the government is cause enough.

Message to Republicans: vote NO to the current 2011 Budget proposal; vote NO to the increase in the debt ceiling; vote No to new taxes for anyone.

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