Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fantasy NHL

I just finished my first year of playing fantasy hockey. I joined an 10-team Ohio league with ESPN's Fantasy Hockey. It was a bit different than fantasy NFL and fantasy MLB. The key, besides having skaters that score, assist and have good +/- numbers, and goalies that have wins, saves and few goals allowed, is to have players actually on the ice and in the line-up each day.

ESPN allows you to set your daily lines-ups a week in advance. Because in our league we had a four-man skater bench and two-man goalie bench, it is important to make sure you don't have active players that day sitting on the bench. You also need to make sure your don't have injured guys in your line up. In a ten-man league, there are plenty of viable skaters and goalies option to have on your roster, so there is little reason to keep injured players on your roster.

I finished second in our league. I made the second most roster moves; some guys made none, obviously starting the season but never returning to the site. The guy that won the league was in first place from start to finish. The draft has a great deal to do with your success but more-so it is the injuries you have or do not have. A team that makes very few moves after 82 games and remains in first had a great deal of luck. Other guys that try to manage their team, sometimes have little luck, despite the effort.

Fantasy Hockey -- a fun experience. It really does not take as much time as people claim. 15 minutes a week to play a game is all I spent.

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