Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Libyan Tribalism Trumps Nationalism

America ought to realize that for Gadhafi and his followers, Libyan tribalism trumps nationalism. Gadhafi cares more about protecting his and his tribe's power base. He has no problem killing all of his non-tribal countrymen in the process. His "fight to the last man" stance should be heeded.

It bother me to hear about American warships queuing off shore, Marines on stand-by and the establishment of a no-fly zone. If America gets involved by sending in actual troops, striking with missiles or supplying weaponry, then America will become the mutual enemy for most Libyans (and Arabs). The Obama administration, aka America, has everything to lose and nothing to gain by engaging the Gadhafi administration.

America must take a neutral position with respect to these Arab conflicts. It was wrong to get involved in Iraq and was wrong to get involved in Afghanistan. They are money pits, death traps, ruiners of many American families and individual lives, and will never result in the democracies America deems appropriate.

It is not as Farrakhan claims -- that the Jews are pushing the U.S. into war -- but Israel welcomes U.S. military action in the Middle East.

I hope the Obama administration does not make the same mistake in the Middle East as the Bush administration did in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lets stay out of these battles. Let's make every effort to become energy self-sufficient and limit our need to pay for Middle Eastern stability.

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