Wednesday, February 02, 2011

White House and the Middle East

Why does any nation in the Middle East pretend it is an ally of the USA? Foreign aid and the financial benefits of the consumption of oil.

Whenever there is talk about Israel and Palestinian Authority peace talks, it is a exercise in politicians pretending like they are accomplishing something.

Whenever some Middle Eastern autocrat visits Washington, the White House and Congress would be well advised to hold onto their wallets instead of picking up the tab on his pet projects. Projects that allow him to maintain his authoritarian rule.

When we hear the White House and State Department comment upon the conflicts in Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Tunisia, etc., one wonders whether the revolutionaries actually hear or care what they say.

Secretary Clinton calls for "orderly, peaceful transition" in Egypt. President Obama said the transition "must be meaningful, it must be peaceful, and it must begin now." Shortly thereafter, all hell breaks out.

We keep hearing the Leadership say that it is up to the Egyptian people to determine their form of government. Yet those same people want a democratic nation to emerge. An American's definition of democracy is very different than an Arab's. It is unlikely but what if the Egyptians want an Islamic caliphate?

We should appreciate what Michael Medved wrote today:

1) No Amount of Foreign Aid can redeem a deeply dysfunctional society.
2) The chaos in Cairo shows the limited value of agreements with corrupt, autocratic governments.

Despite what America says, hopes for, or believes, these nations will never like Israel, America or the West. They will use us for what they can but beyond that , they would relish in our destruction.

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