Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"Thank You," No, "Thank You"

Of all the pet-peeves I have with the mainstream media, there is one mannerism that bugs me more than any. This is when someone thanks the one who is thanking them.

Quite frequently, ok, just about every interview I have listened to on NPR, be it Morning Edition, All Things Considered or Weekend Edition (Saturday or Sunday), at the conclusion of the interview, the NPR host will thank the person whom they just interviewed and that person will respond "no, thank you."

Is this a case of oneupmanship? Is one person trying to be more humble than the other?

When someone offers their thanks, that person must believe that the other has done something for them. As such, the proper response is "you're welcome."

Next time you listen to an interview, note how many times a "thank you" is answered with a "thank you."

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