Thursday, February 17, 2011

President Flimflam Obama

American or not, was President Obama really born on Planet Earth? I do not get how he thinks that given the dire straits we are in as a nation, financially, he can propose a budget that continues to grow the federal deficit to levels that will bankrupt the nation. Are his advisers extraterrestrial also?

The argument that this current budget situation can be blamed on the GOP is an argument that does not fly. Sure Bush violated every conservative principle with respect to the growth of government (with help from a Democratic Congress), but that is no license for Omama to trump him many times over.

His proposed $3.7 trillion budget does not demonstrate any leadership. He is unwilling to make the hard choices. He punted -- a shank at that -- forcing the GOP House to do the dirty work. Obama is basing his deficit-reduction plan on future economic growth, starting in 2016. Economic growth? Based on what motivation and factors?

He left Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid untouched, allowing them to approach insolvency and creating some very pissed off elderly in a few years.

Obama's deficit-reducing budget depends on a 4 percent growth. Again, he's dreaming. With an incompetent like him calling the economic shots, doomed is the condition that comes to mind. What is going to turn this economy around? Higher taxes? More people on government payrolls? The economic growth principles are non-existent.

Obama does not want to be the bad guy. He hopes to blame the GOP in two years when he runs for re-election. He's a true flimflam man -- a real con artist. The bulk of the American people will not let him get away with it this time.

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