Saturday, February 19, 2011

It Is Not About the Children

This week in Wisconsin the teachers, among others, are protesting against the newly elected governor Scott Walker, a Republican, for trying to strips public workers of their collective bargaining rights.

You'd think America had become France or Greece politically. It appears to have done so in some parts. Socialists and those the live on the backs of the taxpayers have a tough time understanding what a level playing field is. They think it is their "right" to dictate their taxpayer derived benefits and wages. They fell that those of us not on the government payrolls should be thankful for what they do for society and pay according to their demands.

Wisconsin protests have reaffirmed some key economical and political principles:

1) The governor wants to remove the ability of government employees (except local police, fire fighters and the State Patrol -- Obama did not know that) the collective bargaining rights for their benefits, and to tie their wage increases to the CPI. He wants state employees to pay a higher percentage of their medical and pension benefits. These percentages are still significantly less than what non-government workers pay. For those of us in the real world, those increases are greater than pay raise percentages. Government workers are not entitled to these compensation deal.

2) Socialist societies have a large portion of their citizens working on government payrolls. They are able to vote themselves pay raises and benefits by voting in liberal politicians. The financial weight crushes the system. With the middle class bearing the brunt of the burden, it cannot be sustained.

3) Most people do not understand what democracy actually means, including these protesting teachers. In Wisconsin, the voters voted in a conservative governor that promised to address the fiscal problems of the state. The unions are trying to trump the will of the people, just like Obama, Pelosi and Reid did with health care.

4) For the teachers, it is not about the children. With 40 percent of the Wisconsin teachers not going to class, it shows that teaching is just a job for most, they could really care less about the impact to their students. Lets see how long they are willing to stick by their guns and stay away from school. Of course, they are still entitled to the pay for those days they were away.

5) Unions are at a breaking point. Their relevance has all but disappeared. Governor Walker would do away with collecting and redistributing union dues, pushing that back on the unions themselves. He would also require unions to be re-certified by its members annually. Unions are fearful of accountability to their members.

6) The NEA has never been about "advancing the cause of public education," rather advancing their power, ideological agendas and compensation. They just do it in the education field.

7) The Democratic Senators in Wisconsin are cowards. There is no honor in running and shirking their duties. To them this is such a breaking point that they will do things previously unheard of.

8) Obama is again sticking his nose into matters he does not belong. Why is he doing this? Why is the DNC getting involved in this issue? Because the core to the Democrat Party is unions and this will diminish their value significantly.

What to take sides? Look who is with the teachers: Nancy Pelosi, Jesse Jackson, the usual cast of liberal/union characters.

This is budget, union, state/federal rights debate is great. As it spreads to other states (Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota) a significant point in American history unfolding before our eyes.

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