Friday, February 18, 2011

Government-Back High Speed Rail Is Bad Government

Ask any Jane or Joe if they thought a high-speed rail system in their state connecting points A, B, C and D would be a nice thing. Nine out of ten would say yes. Ask them if they would use it and they will also say yes, some would use it more than others. Then ask them if they'd be willing to pay the non-subsidized ridership fees. No one would answer yes.

High-speed rail in America is a "nice-to-have" thing, not a necessity. During times of economic recession, now is not the time to use federal subsidies for high-speed rail.

So why have some states told President Omaba "thanks but no thanks," and refused the federal gift? Because the federal earmark will require the states to sinks millions every year into managing and maintaining it.

It is interesting that the states that are in the largest financial disarray are trying to grab the money that the states with adult leadership are relinquishing. New York, California, and other blue states are trying to grab the "unclaimed" federal earmarks.

The federal and state budgets are disasters because their leaders do not know how to prioritized between needs and wants.

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