Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bisbee Arizona - Miners Meet Hippies

My wife, youngest daughter and I spent a day and night in Bisbee, Arizona. This is a town founded by miners but now owned by hippies.

A conservative has little in common with most of the current residents. Thirty plus years ago, as mining took a dive, hippies from the 60s snapped up properties for next to nothing. Today, many are still there, as are some of their children and some retired residents.

Set in a tight valley, the homes are wedged-in on both sides of the valley. Lots of steps and steep roads are the rule. It must be quite the ordeal to see how a large moving van loads or unloads. There is little space to turn around. The residents certainly get good exercise walking up and down steps and steep roads all day.

There are lots of touristy shops and some interesting art shops (photo is of plumbing art from a Bisbee home). There are plenty of hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and interesting buildings and homes. Many look like they are ready to fall down at any moment.

We stayed at the Bisbee Inn. A nice establishment; plenty of rooms, simple DIY breakfast, and a nice owner (he's trying to sell it). While there, the nightly ghost tour came through. Fun to talk about ghosts but I would not spend a dime on any official ghost tour. Unfortunately, we slept sound.

Bisbee is one of those "nice to visit, glad I don't live there" towns. I can only take liberals for so long (24 hours is too much). The anti-Bush/pro-Obama stickers are prevalent. Looking through the police blotter, it was full of animal disturbance calls. What's up with that?

This is the most non-HOA town ever created in America. Houses are on top of each other. Everyone does his or her own thing. While some don absolutely nothing. When you put a bunch of hippies on top of one another, tempers are bound to flare. They can only love their neighbors so much until life catches up.

Bisbee's best days are well behind it. But it can be a nice diversion, especially if you are into gay pride celebrations.


Anonymous said...

i like this picture mostly becasue that fence belongs to my father in law he bought that house as a 10 x 10 shack and built to it over the years and he made the fence he also use to be the town plumber for 25-30 years he still lives there today

Hayes said...

Nice. Bisbee is one unique place.