Friday, January 14, 2011

Tucson Memorial: Solemn Event or Political Rally?

Like most politicians, Obama never misses an opportunity to push his political agenda. Last night's Memorial in Tucson for the victims and families of last weekend's shooting spree was no exception.

The President was right in coming to Tucson, in holding a memorial. He did not do this for the Ft. Hood Shooting in Nov 2009 although he should have. His speech this week had some good parts in it. He's good with the teleprompter. However there were some questionable comments and omissions, given the solemnity of the occasion.

Granted, this was not a funeral, but it was a solemn event. What bothered me was his morphing into political campaign mode. His voice inflections and rallying cries toward his audience seemed out of place. If this were Reagan, GHW Bush, GW Bush or Clinton, this event would not have taken on a political feel.

For the most part, only people that actually like Obama would spend the time and make the effort to see and hear him live. For the most part, victim family and media personnel aside, most attendees were Obama supporters. He was playing to his audience.

Memorials are just that. They are for the victims, their family and friends, and anyone else effected by the tragedy.

Presidents should act presidential. Though he started off presidential this week in Tucson, he allowed his politics to show, dimming the presidential shine that should have been there in it fullness.


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