Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Political Rhetoric Post-Tucson Shootings

Like many "shoot first and ask questions later" individuals -- political positions aside -- those people in the MSM and many in elected positions have made fools of themselves. Their impetuous remarks should certainly come back to haunt them.

Politician will be politicians and will "never waste a good crisis." The Tucson shooting is just the latest. We expect this reaction. Gun control proponents will jump. Those that cannot compete with conservative talk radio/TV will do what they can to push the fairness doctrine.

The exercise in political rhetoric is not about civil discourse, moderation or civility. It is about how one side, and in this case, the Left, tries to place blame where it does not belong.

Case in point, Pima County Sheriff Charles W. Dupnik, the elected enforcement arm of the court, is entitled to his opinions, even if they are wrong. Placing the blame and partial reason for the shooter's actions on conservative talk radio is irresponsible and contentious. He is inciting the vitriol he claims to detest. Hopefully his remarks will cost him another term if his opponents are even half-way competent. Some opinions are best kept to oneself.

It is amazing what one individual that expresses himself violently can do to the public debate. This is just another catalyst in the world of political rhetoric, with no end in site.

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