Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Obama's Attempt to Be A Centrist

Last night's State of the Union speech by President Obama had some interesting and not so interesting points.

I personally liked the integrated seating because it minimized the applause periods. I liked a few of the character examples, especially the one involving the business that built the gear used in the rescue of the Chilean miners. Other that that, it was rather ho-hum.

It appeared he was trying to play this global centrist role, his version of Bill Clinton after the mid-term elections. It was less about the state of the union and more about some diatribe on topics he has no passion for.

Fresh off his time with Chinese President Hu, this speech will be remembered in part by his "China is great and we need to be more like China" attitude. He also made some attempts at JFK-isms. The Sputnik reference and his challenges to do "x" or "y" by some year in the future seemed more wishful thinking that an actual catalyst for something major.

I have tried repeatedly to like this man -- to give him a chance. But time and time again, I am disappointed. He is not an inspiring leader. His is still nothing more than community organizer. He would be a poor CEO, one that lacks business sense and one that lacks that "come on, follow me" charisma.

On one hand he wants to take us forward, taking these great steps, but on the other he knows that these are unlikely to occur because we lack the funding. He says we have to reign in government spending, just like he said last year, but he still spends and continues to propose new spending. His non-discretionary spending freeze is window-dressing.

As I listened, it appeared he was acting the Democratic politician to the fullest, talking about austerity on one hand but trumping it with lots of grandiose investment ideas and programs. The bottom-line is that the spending will continue to dwarf the cutbacks and the budget will continue to soar out of control.

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Rachel Hauck said...

The posture of how he holds his head is a huge reflection to me of the posture of his heart. Gazing down his nose.