Monday, January 17, 2011

Obama and His Chinese Peer

I am not sure where Obama gets his foreign policy advice. His amateurism in dealing with his peers has been embarrassing for us as a nation. Whether it is cow-towing to to Arabs or bowing to his Asia peers, his body language, not to mention his policies, makes America look weak.

There is business and political culture and there is national culture. How Arabs interact with their fellow Arabs is their business; how the Chinese interact with their fellow Chinese is their business. Obama would be better advised to act professionally, and put aside his "I want you to feel comfortable around me" attitude. Act business-like and forget the cultural pomp.

Perhaps the photo of him bowing to President Hu from 2009 is a perfect picture showing how far America has fallen in global economics. The tide has been turning and it should be noted that under Obama and democratic monetary policies, China has trumped American financial fortitude. Granted is started with WWI and has gone down hill ever since, with no end in sight.

Rome did not fall overnight, likewise America has not either. But the history is clear as is the future given our current path and leadership. I hope Obama makes America proud this time he visits with the Chinese leader.

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