Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Military Analogies No Longer Politically Correct

After the most recent wacko shooting in America, apparently, military analogies are no longer politically correct in the business and athletic worlds. We can no longer say the following, because doing so might offend someone and cause someone to go "postal" (or is it now "Loughner?"):

-- We must be on target.
-- We got them in our cross-hairs.
-- We will implement a flanking maneuver.
-- We will make a frontal attack.
-- We will take the offensive.
-- We must do proper reconnaissance / surveillance / counter-surveillance.
-- We must scout our opponent(s) / competitors(s).
-- We will crush our enemy(ies).
-- Shoot first and ask questions later.
-- Shoot from the hip.
-- Locked and loaded.
-- They are on our hit list.
-- Don't retreat, reload.
-- Plan of attack.
-- Fiery attack.
-- Exploit their weakness(es).
-- Aim for ...
-- Take the tactical advantage.
-- or insert favorite you favorite Sun Tzu / Art of War phrase

Political correctness has its place. For as many good ideas there are, there are probably twice as many bad ideas.

Leave it to the MSM to toss yet another grenade on what we can and cannot say.

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