Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wikileak Has Lots Left to Leak

The media will have you believe that Wikileaks dropped 250,000 classified documents for the world to see. As it turn out, they have been releasing on average about 106 documents each day since 28 November 2010. At this rate, it will take over six years to release this batch.

This "I am stronger than you" standoff better the pro-Wikileaks crowd and the US federal government is interesting. Assange will certainly take a journalist defense and will have many sympathizers.

What is more interesting has been the distributed denial of service attacks launched by Wikileak sympthsizers on those multinationals that pull support; i.e., MasterCard and Paypal.

I tend to be in the Wikileak side of things. If government insiders leak the information, then the publishing of it is okay by me. The federal government needs to get its house in order before trying to order someone else to do likewise.

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