Thursday, December 30, 2010

NYC Sanitation Workers Following the French Public Servant Lead

New York City sanitation management is following the lead of the French: "society be damned, we demand more money, more benefits, less hours and less responsibility."
NYC Sanitation Department bosses ordered their drivers to snarl the blizzard cleanup to protest budget cuts.
According to their view of the world, "everyone else must sacrifice but not us." Mayor Bloomberg is not convinced.

The basic role of government is to provide services that individuals and corporations are not ideally suited for. Its is to facilitate commerce, not mandate it. It is to provide for emergency response to help foster law and order.

NYC, arguably the most expensive city to live in in the USA due in part to the highest tax rates on businesses and individuals, is unable to provide for basic governmental services. Instead it focuses on smoking and fatty food bans and other environmental-friendly initiatives.

The current snow fall, something foretasted for days in advance, seems to have "caught" the City off-guard. This governmental incompetency is just another reason to laugh at NYC.

I really do not know why people continue to live in such an over-priced hell-hole.

The video of the the snow plow destroying an SUV as it was being unstuck is vintage NYC public servants at work. They could care less about the service they are rendering. This is what out-of-control government results in. What happens in NY will happen throughout the nation as bigger government continues unabated.

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