Friday, December 10, 2010

Did Obama Just Abdicate His Presidency to Clinton?

Today's unannounced press briefing in the White House was about as non-Presidential as it gets.

On Monday, the President reached an agreement with Republicans on extending the 2001 tax cuts. A couple of days later, key House party members decided to reject the compromise. Speaker Pelosi stated she will not allow a vote on the tax breaks to occur. So what does Obama do? He brings in Bill Clinton to do his pleading.

Obama gathers the press corp, introduces Clinton, allows him to ramble for a while and then announces he needs to leave for a prior commitment with the First Lady. He leaves Bill Clinton the pulpit in the White House in a room full of reporters. For thrity minutes Clinton went on taking questions and sharing his opinions.

Who came up with this strategy? Obama is going from bad to worse. He needs a new set of advisers. This was a foiled strategy. Give Clinton a inch and he'll take a mile. There are just some thing that a president should never do, and this is one. It makes him look as if he is abdicating his presidency.

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I wonder exactly what Catalina says with that :)