Friday, November 05, 2010

Giffords Defeats Kelly in Arizona's 8th District

In southern Arizona, we are represented in the east (District 8) by Congresswoman Giffords; in the west (District 8) by Congressman Grijalva. Democratic incumbant Grijalva won a close battle and fifth term against Ruth McClung. Giffords beat out youthful Jesse Kelly, declaring victory four days after the polls closed, and earning a third term in Congress.

Obviously the Grijalva victory was not about character or doing what is right for Arizona. Here's a man that is outright against SB 1070 and welcomes open borders. He knows his constituency is Mexican Americans and traditional Democratic policies.

Giffords is a typical Democrat. Most of her positions are on the liberal She votes in line with Speaker Pelosi on just about every major issue. Jesse Kelly, though a solid conservative, went a little over-board with his apple pie, religion and military experience. He came across as too youthful and lacking experience. It is tough for some people to get behind someone who has no college education and has seen very little of what life has to offer.

The battle between Gifford and Kelly was close but would have gone to Kelly if it were not for the Libertarian Party's candidate, Steven Stoltz. Stoltz had 10,000 votes -- 4%.

I love the Libertarian Party platform. I agree with almost every position they take. However, third-party candidates cannot win elections. Candidates from the Constitution Party, American Independent Party and Libertarian Party take votes from Republicans. Third parties have their rolls but it must be with the the two mainstream parties. They must force the Republican Party to adopt more of their positions.

I am not thrilled with my congressional representative in Washington, DC, but I do hope Congresswoman Giffords keeps her promise and helps force the federal government's hand at controlling our southern border.

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